Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting our Christmas Tree (2012)

We wanted to get a Balsum Fir for our Christmas Tree this year. We went to a tree farm in Mora, MN and he had some, but not at his farm. They were on his hunting land a few miles away. So, he gave us the directions and off we went.

It was a nice day (43 degrees).


The whole family in front of the tree that we wanted to cut.

All the kids got a turn at cutting down the tree. I started with Katja.

Then Caleb

Then Cole

Then Madelyn

Nathaniel and I carried it out to the truck.

We paid 25.00 for the tree.

One big toaster

One of the advantages of using a wood stove for heat is, it makes a great toaster. You can toast a whole loaf at one time. They toast nice and even, and it is fast. Sometime to fast and then it burns, win some loose some. 

The wood stove also works like a crock pot for soup and other foods that you want to keep hot for a while. We place our coffee pot on the stove so that we have hot coffee all day. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fresh garden veggies

I picked the garden at least once per week. This was one of the pickings. Sometimes the garden produced better than others.
I have started using more and more baskets in the garden. I like the look and feel of them. Also they are cheap at garage sales and second hand stores.

Rebuilding the wall

After the wind took down the wall, we got right to staking it up again. Trace and I were able to restack the wall in about 4 hours.

This time the wall went up fast and straight. I was much happier with it the second time through.

The last block.

Notice all the damaged block corners from thier big fall.

Happy? Oh, yeah!

Finished with the dry stacking and ready to core fill. After we finish core filling we I will surface bond the wall.

Not bad for a few rookies.