Friday, October 8, 2010

A Clean Slate

On Friday, October 1st, two great things happened to my family and I. First, my wife and I sat down at our kitchen table and closed a land deal for 20ac. in central Minnesota. Second, the thoughts of new land and all the really awesome things that I have in mind for it, inspired me to start this blog in an attempt to archive our progress toward a new life for our family. I am very excited to have this blog so that I can connect with others who are living the way I would like to and also to inspire others to join the less is more life. The land is about 5ac. of Hay field, 12ac. of pasture and 3ac. of woods. The hay field faces North and the rest is a gradual south facing slope. Aside from a gate and some old electric fence the land is raw and ready to be our new homestead. The soil is allot of clay and rock. Some of the rocks our very large and I do wonder how I will move them if needed. There is a dirt road to the North, field and pasture to the West, woods to the South and a house and pasture to the East. Currently the house on the 40ac. to the East is a foreclosure so at the moment I have no neighbors (sweet!). The first thing we will be doing to the property is to get it surveyed. I figure with there being no current neighbors to dispute with, now is the time to make sure that all the lot lines and fences are were they are supposed to be. Since it is mid October we can expect the weather to turn sour here shortly so we will not get much more than the survey done this Fall and we will focus on designing a home this winter and starting to build it in the spring. I have never had the opportunity to build a homestead from the ground up and I look forward to the challenges I face. I also look forward to hearing from others and their stories. I think that my next post will be on hmmmmm.........
One of my favorite things about this property is that it has such a big sky. There will be many amazing sunsets and sunrises to see here.

Facing North

Facing West

Facing South with woods in the back.

Facing East

This site would make a great walkout or berm home.


  1. What an exciting time for you! I remember when we first looked at our property and walked around it. It was clear to us that God led us to this place, and we were very excited. So, I am thrilled for you and your family!

  2. Thanks for the comment I have been vary busy and have not been posting much but now that someone is reading I will try to do a better job.