Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breaking Gound

Two days ago (Friday April 29th) we finaly got to break ground on our new home. My friend Nathan brought his skidsteer over and started digging. The ground here is very heavy so there was some issue with getting through the sod but once he did it went slow but well.
Setting up the optical level for the grade that I wanted.

My friend Nathan.

The house site before the dig.

Part way through the dig we tried to push this old tree snag out of the ground with no success. So I started digging around the roots so I could cut them with a chain saw.

Just gitting started and the tree that has to be removed.

Tree roots dug out and cut.

About this time Vern showed up to see how it was going ( I had talked to him earlier that morning and he had mentioned that he was going to stop by) and offered to help with the shoveling around the roots. We dug for a while and cut as many roots as we could and tried to push the tree again with the skid steer. It was a no go. Then Vern offered to go get his back hoe since he only lives 1 1/2 miles away (Vern owns a septic company) and use it to remove the tree.


Well after seeing the ease that the backhoe had removing the tree and the fact that it was getting later in the day I decided to have Vern just finish digging the site. It went really well and he was real nice to me for price so he will be doing all of my digging in the future.
Vern digging the North East corner of our site.

All done.

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