Friday, December 10, 2010

Did I get what I thought I was paying for?

We just had the property surveyed last week and to my joy the lot lines are about where everyone though that they were. We found that the neighbor to the West has been getting some bonus acres to plant corn on and the neighbour to the East has a fence that cuts about 20ft off my pasture but when all is said and done it is close and at least the lot lines don't go through someones living room. It actually amazes me how people can get so close with there fence lines by simply measuring. Most of these were placed before GPS and according to the county there was no surveys in my section. So people must have measured and paced of there property based on the legal description. The crazy part is that the topography in this area of the state is rather hilly so to measure and get even close is amazing. The survey confirms that we have a fair amount of land that is wooded and some swamp. I went out to the property to try and find all the markers but it got to dark to find the southern markers so I will try again tomorrow.  

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