Saturday, June 18, 2011

My 4 children

Nathaniel is our oldest son. He is 12 and is a great kid, he is a little skeptical of moving to Ogilvie (he calls it Hobovie)  but he already has a friend there. He liked the idea of exploring the new land and the ability to ride the 3 wheeler. He keeps trying to take my hat, proving that I am still cool. LOL

Caleb is our second boy he is 6. This kid is full throtlle all the time. He loves to go to the land and help. He asks every day "Dad are we going up to the land tomorrow?". I am excited for him to be here, he will do well with some space to explore.
Madelyn is the third child and the only girl (so far, #5 is due in July) she is 4 and alot of fun. She loves to be at the land with her brother Caleb. Those 2 will be inseparable up here. She is so excited about having baby animals. 

Cole is the baby for now. He is 2 (but tells you he is 3). He is such a smiley kid. The other day he was hiding in the grass and I could not see him. This picture was taken after he stood up.

I look forward to the life these kids will have here. All the new experiences. I hope that I can become self employed or go to working part time soon so I can be a bigger part of there schooling and day to day life. They are my motivation to make this life style change. I don't think that kids really care how much money we have in the bank or what kind of car we drive. What they will remember is if I was there or not. My kids are only going to be little once and I feel like I am missing it. I need to stop this crazy cycle that we all seem to live and once I do I am going to teach others to do the same. I can change this. I will change this.

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