Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Future Wood Shed

This spring the company that I work for decided to purchase a large CNC lathe. When it got delivered it was in a large crate made of 1"x1" steel tube with 2"x4" steel tube floor. It was 21'x10'x10'. When I measured the crate I instantly though "wood shed". Those dimensions will hold roughly 16 cords of stacked split and drying fire wood. I talked to the owner of the company and he told me that if I thought that I could haul it I could have it. It saved him from haveing to pay someones labor to cut it up for scrap.

The crate in the parking lot at work.

The plan will be to put a clear roof on it so I get a green house effect and canvas sides so that I can roll them up when the drying will be good. The challenge came when we were ready to move it. Laying down this is considered a wide load. So we had to stand it up. This was not to hard at my work due to the use of a fork lift but I was not so sure how we were going to unload it at the land.

A.J and Nathan holding the floor pannel from swinging while I drove the fork lift.
Ready to roll. I hope?
 Long story short we traveled slow and drove carefully and got to the land (about 50 miles) without trouble. At the land we untied the pieces and pushed it off the trailer. There was some stressfull moments but it went well.

Floor and side pannels ready to be bolted together.
This is how they will sit untill the fall.
Later A.J.(different A.J. than help load) and the boys helped me bolt the pieces back together and that is as far as I am planning on going with this project for now.

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