Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Delivery

It was exciting to get the first delivery of supplies. It meant that we would soon be actually building something and not just digging and playing in the mud. The first delivery consisted of 300 bags of premixed cement and 27 20' sticks of #5 (5/8) re bar. I ordered the materials through Menards and they delivered it on a single axle truck.

 I asked the driver when he arrived if there was some sort of mistake. "I have no way to unload you" I told him. He said not to worry and asked where I wanted the pallets. The plan was to place them on the road then Vern was going to fork the pallets with his Bobcat and take them to the building site. The ground here in May is just simply to wet to support a tired vehicle with any large amount of weight (Each pallet weighed about 3,000 lb). The driver dropped the trailer and pulled into the approach and began unloading the load. When I first saw this truck/ forklift I though "You have to be kidding", but I was amazed at how well it worked.

It's like a Transformer. Strange but it seems to work!

Next Vern took the pallets through the ditch and up the hill to the building site.

Arron and Cody watch as Vern picks up the first pallet. If it had not been for the tracks on the Bobcat it would not have made it to the site.
It was a successful plan, all the materials got to the site and no one got stuck. It is a good day!

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