Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pumping pits?

When Vern was digging the frost footing trench we came to what should have been the end of the trench, but Vern kept digging and it looked as though he was digging to deep so I stopped him to see what was going on. He replied that he was digging a pump pit for the water that was sure to come. At the time I agreed it was a good idea however I severely under estimated how good an idea this was. Within one day both pits were full and in need of pumping. This water was just what was running out of the trench walls not from any rain.

 So again underestimating how much water there would be I dug up a bilge pump I had in the garage and a 12 volt battery and headed to the land to pump water. After 3 long hours of pumping and the 1st pit was still not empty I came to the bright conclusion that this was simply not going to work. I needed something bigger. So defeated I went home and searched to find a gas pump. What I found was a 22cc pump that was said to be barley used and in new condition for $100.

 The box for the pump claimed it could pump 1,950 gallons per hour and that sounded good to me. I took it to the land and started pumping and let me tell you that little pump works great. It was a good thing I decided to go with a bigger pump because the next day the rain came.

Thanks to the pits and the new pump all went well (but very muddy)

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