Monday, November 19, 2012

Cleaning up the ditch

The ditch in front of our land has gotten over grown, and there was a lot of dead wood in the grass. I wanted to get it cleaned up so that we could push the field back toward the road another 20 feet or so and also improve the looks. We started the process by sending a grass fire through the ditch to clean up the tall grass, allowing me to see what was lying on the ground.
I ended up with two big brush piles and about a half cord of firewood.

This picture is after the fire, but before the clean up.

Thing #1 (Madelyn)

Thing #2 (Caleb)

Brush pile fires are a family favorite.


  1. How did you control the fire? Water hose? Or the water in the drum on the wagon like when you applied SBC?

  2. Hi Crystal, you have great questions. We lit the fire aginst the wind and then used flat nosed shovels to smother the flanks (sides). There was a dirt road on one side so that helped with control. We used no water. We lit the fire using MAPP gas torches. If you would like I will invite you and your family to come wathch if we do it again. Then you could see how it all works. Thanks for the comment.